"Your body isn’t you, your soul is you. And they can’t cut into your soul."

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Young Hollywood 2014: The New Wave of Tinseltown’s Brightest Stars Is Right This Way: Quvenzhané Wallis, Keke Palmer and Jaden Smith

Teen Vogue October 2014

They all look amazing.

Oh wow

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I got my t-shirt and my…..

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I thought I’d share one more picture from this extraordinary collection that will soon be featured in an exhibition in London. I think some of these fabulous vintage Black people, like boxing champion Peter Jackson, are worthy of their own movie. Where are you Idris Elba? Jamie Foxx? From The Guardian:

"Peter Jackson, December 2, 1889. Born in 1860 in St Croix, then the Danish West Indies, Jackson was a boxing champion who spent long periods of time touring Europe. In England, he staged the famous fight against Jem Smith at the Pelican Club in 1889. In 1888 he claimed the title of Australian heavyweight champion. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

"People often say ‘stop being angry and educate us’, not understanding that the anger is part of the education."

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And note that folks dont ever take the time to educate themselves. A 2 second Google search would solve problems but folks would rather whinge about how mean the marginalized group is being to them…

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Racism in France: Attacks on French Morocco-born minister spark debate

“Provocation”, “a Moroccan Muslim”, “an Ayatollah”: the appointment of a young Morocco-born woman as France’s education minister has sparked a wave of attacks that has renewed concerns about racism in the country.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem is one of the brightest lights in President Francois Hollande’s deeply unpopular government.

The 36-year-old telegenic Hollande protegee was appointed last month as the country’s first-ever female education minister, the latest step in a prodigious political career.

But her appointment was greeted with a volley of complaints from the far-right, with its weekly mouthpiece Minute describing the appointment of “a Moroccan Muslim” as a “provocation”.

Another right-wing publication, Valeurs Actuelles, described her as the new “Ayatollah” at the education ministry.

And the latest controversy: over the weekend, a false letter circulated on Twitter, purportedly from the minister, encouraging town halls to introduce an hour of Arabic-language class in schools.

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How Africa Would Look Like if its Borders Were Defined By Ethnicity and Language. By George Peter Murdock,1959

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Fros Before Bros tee | nhdctees.bigcartel.com

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[TW: rape, rape culture]


my ancestral grandmother was kidnapped and raped by a white man at the age of 13. she was kept in an “Indian pen” and one of her children was murdered by this man. that story has haunted my family for generations and we have still not come to terms with being descendants of that…

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John Milton

Coin: Barbados Penny

England; Barbados (1792)

Museum Victoria

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Top: Nina de Garis Davies’ copy of a painting in the tomb of Rekhmire, showing Nubians with a giraffe and a monkey (climbing up the giraffe’s neck!). Interestingly, the Nubians are painted the same brown-red colour typically used for Egyptian men.

Bottom: the same tomb painting, amidst scenes of other exotic animals brought as tribute, from I monumenti dell’ Egitto e della Nubia (1837).

…. We Are Forever!

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